All children need social and relationship skills to succeed in school and in life. The Project CLASS Program teaches the most effective ways to teach essential social and relationship skills to children so they will not only learn the skills, but also use them!

Whole-School Implementation

SchoolsThe power of the Project CLASS program comes from all teachers and staff on the campus working together, with consistent languaging, to teach and encourage student use of foundational social skills. With consistent use, the program has a positive, lasting impact on all students, all teachers, and the culture of the entire school.

Workshop TrainingWorkshop Training

Project CLASS begins with whole school Workshop Training for all teachers and staff. This one-day, 6.5 hour experience is intensive, highly interactive and skill-acquisition based. For Houston area schools, training is held at our training facility located in the Heights.

Clear Focus on Foundational Social Skills

social skillsProject CLASS skills content is clear, simple, focused, accessible, consistent, and immediately beneficial. Trainees leave training able to step into the classroom and fully implement effective teaching of crucial social skills.

On-going In-School Support and ServicesIn-school support and services

Skills development is a process rather than a single event. Project CLASS training staff are in collaborating schools at least one full school day each week for the entire school year.

These Project CLASS In-School Trainers:

  • Support and assist school staff in teaching and reinforcing student use of the social skills through class lessons and classroom visits.
  • Work directly with students who are having the most difficulty consistently using the skills in the classroom or other school settings.

Maximum Impact with Music and Movements

music and movementsStaff and students enjoy learning in ways that tap into optimized brain functioning and harness the effectiveness of visual, verbal, and kinesthetic learning styles. Project CLASS has a fun & engaging approach, utilizing music, songs and movements to facilitate learning in adults and children.