Why HAP and Project CLASS are Effective

Improve children's behavior & learning readiness

HAP is committed to effectively serving children and their care-providers. Our Project CLASS services are dedicated to this commitment.

Classroom Resources

The HAP Mission, Philosophy, Guiding Principles, Values and Programs are united in service to Teaching and Learning for the benefit of children.


HAP is effective because “KIDS COME FIRST” at HAP. All programs and services have a central theme and underpinning foundation: Teaching and Learning.

HAP programs are built on a platform of core components integrated for positive outcomes. These components are:
  • Caring, capable, committed staff.
  • Unwavering commitment to best practices for children incorporating the Teaching-Family Model.
  • Skills content. Help children develop skills that are simple, focused, practical and immediately useful in every day life.
  • A fun and engaging approach. Children learn best when they are engaged and having fun. HAP incorporates music, songs, movements, stories and dramatic activities that capture children’s attention.
  • Optimized learning. HAP draws on research and knowledge about child development, brain functioning, attention span, and modes of learning. The results are programs that are effective and enriching.
  • Training sequences and integration follow-up. HAP training is sequential and ongoing. Skills and knowledge are built over time.
  • Learning tools and resources.  Storybooks, visual aids and posters reinforce the skills focused on by HAP.
  • Ongoing feedback and assessment. Information and data are collected to strengthen training and development, and monitor results.
  • Evaluation and research studies. HAP programs are built on an extensive foundation of research and evaluation studies. For additional results and research information, click www.projectclass.org.