All School Workshop Training

Training – Houston Area

Project CLASS begins with a One-Day, 6.5 hour workshop for all school staff. Project CLASS Training incorporates the most effective teaching and relational technologies to facilitate skill acquisition, skill implementation and skill retention. Project CLASS Training links relevant, meaningful, powerful and accessible content with resources and tools for impact and sustained skill development.

Trainees acquire skill sets through the creative use of music, movements, and role-play based on common real-life scenarios. Participants leave the Workshop having learned and mastered the skill sets and competencies necessary to step into the classroom and fully implement effective teaching of foundational social skills.


This training is held at the Project CLASS Training Facility located in the Heights area of Houston. All materials necessary for Project CLASS implementation are included with the training. All trainees receive:

manual book

1 Project CLASS manual
addition “how to” materials to assist implementation


10 posters
of the social and relationship skills


6.5 hours
of CEUs (Continuing Education Units)


with age-appropriate songs and stories to help teach the social skills

food utensils

2 Meals
Continental Breakfast and Lunch

On-Going Program Support

For Houston area schools, the on-going support is provided by a Project CLASS In-School Trainer who is on the school campus at least one full school day (full school hours) each week of the school year.

There are a number of ways the In-School Trainer supports and assists teachers in teaching and reinforcing student use of social skills:

  • Teaching fun, interactive social skills lessons to classroom of students.
  • Modeling the use of the social skill language and strategies.
  • Visiting classrooms to get to know teachers and students.
  • Helping design an individual or classroom motivation system.
  • Working directly with students who are having difficulty using the social skills consistently, individually and in small group sessions.
  • Presenting the Project CLASS Social and Relationship skills to parents at a training or PTO/PTA meeting to allow the parents to work with the same set of Social Skills at home, impacting both school and home success.
Professional Development

Teachers like Project CLASS because:

  • they are able to implement the program immediately after the training.
  • they find that the teaching methods taught in the training are easy to use in the classroom and do not take up valuable teaching time.
  • they notice results quickly as a more positive learning environment is created.
  • they find the on-going, in-school support that is part of the program a valuable resource.
  • their students are better behaved, more attentive and academically achieving.

Training—Outside of Houston

Project CLASS has been successfully implemented in numerous schools across the country, including KIPP and other charter schools in Washington, D.C., New Orleans, San Antonio, Philadelphia, Memphis, Chicago, Denver, and Greenville, S.C.