1-Hour Workshops

The 1-hour Workshops are available free to parents, grandparents, foster-parents, care-providers and educators covering core-foundation social skills topics. These Workshops are available In-Person and also Self-Paced On-Demand. Check out our offerings below or click here for access to On-Demand trainings.

Core Skills Training (6.5 hours)

The Core-Skills Training is a full-day training experience (6.5 hours) that is intensive, highly interactive and focused on skills development. The Core-Skills Training is usually taken in groups such as whole schools (all teachers & staff). The Core-Skills Training is provided In-Person at our training facility located at 236 West 17th street in Houston Heights or via Zoom format.

Social Skills for Life Success

Dates Pending

This training focuses on the critical importance of core-foundation social and learning readiness skills for school, home and life success. Core-foundation skills include how to: Use Eye Contact; Pay Attention; Follow Instructions; Get a Person’s Attention; Ask Permission; Accept No and Accept Feedback. Other basics include the use of Kind Words and how to Calm Down (COBRA). Participants will learn and practice different ways to teach and encourage the development and continued use of these core-foundation skills. Also covered is what to do when your child is not using their social skills. This is a fun and engaging training experience with a lot of tools and resources (60 minutes).

Anger & Calming Down

Dates Pending

This training is designed to help participants understand and work more effectively with anger, including implementing strategies to calm down.
Priority attention is focused on recognizing and working with body signals and physiological indicators of anger as well as practicing ways to stay calm when children are angry and unable to self-regulate. This training includes engaging music, videos, real life examples and resources to work with anger constructively. (60 minutes)

Destrezas sociales para el éxito en la vida

Fechas Pendientes

Esta capacitación se centra en la importancia crítica de las destrezas básicas de preparación social y de aprendizaje para el éxito en el hogar, la escuela y la vida. Las destrezas básicas incluyen cómo: Usar contacto visual; Poner atención; Seguir instrucciones; Obtener la atención de una persona; Pedir permiso; Aceptar no y Aceptar sugerencias. Otros conceptos básicos incluyen el uso de palabras amables y cómo calmarse (COBRA). Los participantes aprenderán y practicarán diferentes maneras de enseñar y retenerse el desarrollo y el uso continuo de estas destrezas básicas. También se cubre qué hacer cuando su hijo no está usando las destrezas sociales.  Esta es una experiencia de entrenamiento divertida y interesante, con muchas herramientas y recursos (60 minutos).

Avoiding Power Struggles

Dates Pending

This training focuses on understanding and avoiding Power Struggles. Content areas include teaching strategies, effective communication skills and how to help children develop the social skill- Accept No. Participants will learn and practice how to stay calm and side-step unproductive lose-lose conflicts. This is a fun and engaging training experience that incorporates music, songs and videos. (60 minutes)

Eye Contact and Paying Attention

Dates Pending

This training is designed to strengthen Eye Contact and Paying Attention skills to improve relationships, communicate more effectively and increase success. Participants will learn and practice different ways to teach children how to: Pay Attention; develop their focusing skills through encouragement; use Eye Contact effectively; and to work with children who are distracted. This is a fun and engaging training experience featuring the LOOK Book, social skills songs and free resources! (60 minutes).