Project CLASS Curriculum

Social skills are the behavioral skills necessary to get along with others and form constructive relationships. Social and relationship skills significantly determine student success or failure in school and in life. When students know and use social and relationship skills, teachers can teach and students can learn. Whether in school, at home, on a job or in the community, social and relationship skills are a central part of daily living.

Project CLASS concentrates attention on a defined curriculum of essential basic social and relationship skills. These core building block skills are the starting point for positive relationship development and are the elemental foundation for more complex skills development in the future.

The Project CLASS Social Skills

Project CLASS Social Skills include Eye Contact, Paying Attention, Following Instructions, Accepting Feedback, and Accepting No. These skills are clearly defined by the specific behaviors that demonstrate the skills. For example, Following Instructions means to Look at the person talking, Nod your head or say “OK” to acknowledge that the instruction was heard, and then to Do the instruction right away. When skills are taught, children are provided with reasons to use each skill, such as to save time, and are given the opportunity to practice using the skill. These methods increase the likelihood of students using the social skill without being prompted to do so. These and other Project CLASS skills are the building blocks of relationship formation and the development of values and character.

Three young girl friends outdoors smiling

Project CLASS Relationship Skills

Project CLASS Relationship Skills include Using Kind Words, Calming Down, Effective Problem-Solving and Making Good Choices. These skills build on the basic social skills and are designed to help students get along with one another. These skills are needed to succeed in life. These relationship skills are also defined by specific behaviors that students can learn and practice in order to be successful.


Music and Movements

Staff and students enjoy learning in ways that tap into optimized brain functioning and harness the effectiveness of visual, verbal, and kinesthetic learning styles.  Project CLASS has a fun & engaging approach, utilizing music, songs, and movements to facilitate learning in adults and children.