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Project CLASS is committed to benefiting tens of thousands, potentially hundreds of thousands more children, teachers and parents based on the tidal wave of need for core-foundation social skills in our schools, families, community and across the country. Recognizing this need, HAP has written the first three books in a series of children’s books focused on social skills. Learn more about the books in the series and accompanying Free Guides, Free Animated Films & Free Demo Videos.

What is Project CLASS?

Project CLASS is a comprehensive social skills training and behavior improvement program.

Triple Purposes:

  1. Improving Children's Behavior
  2. Equip children with core-foundation social skills
  3. Strengthen the capabilities of teachers, parents, and other caring adults to teach core skills to children
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“Project CLASS is a great program. All schools could benefit from this program. Our school has become much more positive.”

Elementary School Principal
Houston Independent School District

Why is Project CLASS needed?

Challenges Schools and Families Face

Too many children:

  • Are Inattentive
  • Have Behavior Problems
  • Don't Get Along with Others
  • Are Not Learning Ready
  • Are Not Equipped with the Skills to Succeed

“I absolutely love Project CLASS. I have been using it since I first started teaching. It really makes a difference in improving student behavior.”

1st grade Teacher
KIPP Charter School

Project CLASS Works!

Results and Benefits

Increases Appropriate Behavior of Children
Increases Learning Readiness of Children
Increases Effective Teaching by Teachers and Parents
Increases Academic Teaching Time

Decreases Children Behavior Problems
Decreases Discipline Referrals to Office


“Project CLASS is a fantastic program. The more consistently it is used, the better the results. Thanks so much for making my year great!”

5th grade Teacher
Houston ISD

On a daily basis, Project CLASS serves

32,000 children

60+ schools
4,000 teachers

2,000 parents

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Project CLASS funding is largely collaborative funding with 50% of costs supported by private sector donations and underwriting. Contributions for Project CLASS services and resources are tax-deductible. Click the button below to donate through our secure online system. Thank you for your support.

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