Teachers like Project CLASS because:

  • they are able to implement the program immediately after the training.
  • they find that the teaching methods taught in the training are easy to use in the classroom and do not take up valuable teaching time.
  • they notice results quickly as a more positive learning environment is created.
  • they find the on-going, in-school support that is part of the program a valuable resource.
  • their students are better behaved, more attentive and academically achieving.

On-Going Program Support

For Houston area schools, the on-going support is provided by a Project CLASS In-School Trainer who is on the school campus at least one full school day (full school hours) each week of the school year.

There are a number of ways the In-School Trainer supports and assists teachers in teaching and reinforcing student use of social skills:

  • Teaching fun, interactive social skills lessons to classroom of students.
  • Modeling the use of the social skill language and strategies.
  • Visiting classrooms to get to know teachers and students.
  • Helping design an individual or classroom motivation system.
  • Working directly with students who are having difficulty using the social skills consistently, individually and in small group sessions.
  • Presenting the Project CLASS Social and Relationship skills to parents at a training or PTO/PTA meeting to allow the parents to work with the same set of Social Skills at home, impacting both school and home success.