Project CLASS stands for
Children Learning Appropriate Social Skills.

Project CLASS addresses a simple but profound problem and reality:

  • Too many children have significant difficulty getting along with others & paying attention.
  • This problem is visible in the home, in our schools & in our community.
  • Children without social and relationship skills are headed for failure.
  • Children with these skills are more likely to learn and succeed.

Project CLASS In a Nutshell

Project CLASS is a comprehensive social skills training and behavior improvement program.

Triple Purposes:

  1. Improve children’s behavior & learning readiness;
  2. Equip children with core-foundation social skills;
  3. Strengthen the capabilities of teachers, parents, and other caring adults to teach core skills to children.


  • Focuses on Children Ages 3-12
  • Whole School Impact: Effective, Simple, Fun, & Engaging
  • Directly Improves Children’s Behavior & Learning Readiness
  • Strengthens Teachers & Parents Teaching Effectiveness
  • Music, Songs, Movements & Posters Accelerate Skills Development
  • Extensive In-School Services with Teachers & Children
  • Priority Help for Children with Behavior and Mental Health Problems

The Project CLASS Story

Project CLASS was developed in 1997 by Houston Achievement Place, a private, not-for-profit social service agency when several local schools asked Houston Achievement Place staff to provide services for students with behavior problems. It soon became apparent that many of the children were coming to school without the basic social and interpersonal skills and competencies. They did not know how to effectively get along with adults and other children. As a result of this lack of skills, children were seriously hampered in their learning and in their future potential.

It became clear to Houston Achievement Place staff that helping educators teach children social and relational skills could help all children to learn more and develop the relationships for life success.

With the backing of the HAP Board of Directors, funding from supportive foundations and corporations was secured to pilot the Project CLASS program.

Since 1997, over 800,000 children and adults have benefited from Project CLASS. More than 80,000 teachers and school staff have received Project CLASS training and in-school services.

Project CLASS is currently implemented locally in schools in Houston Independent School District, Spring Branch Independent School District, Houston KIPP charter schools, Catholic and Faith-based schools. Project CLASS Training has also been provided to numerous KIPP and Charter schools across the United States. Each year, more than 30,000 children are positively impacted by Project CLASS.

Our vision is to equip each child with the concrete skills to respect self and respect others. We have the responsibility to insure that each child has been provided the tools to develop constructive personal relationships and have the best chance for a meaningful and productive future.