Everyone benefits from Project CLASS!

Teachers–First-year teachers to seasoned teachers with 25+ years of experience find that Project CLASS training and resources strengthen their ability to teach social skills to children and increases student learning readiness.  In addition, teachers appreciate the whole-class lessons and the small group sessions for their most difficult students.

Students–Every child can be helped to succeed by learning and implementing the core social and emotional skills taught by Project CLASS. Students with on-going behavior issues receive targeted social and relational skills teaching and practice in the social skills small group sessions. Small group curricula include calming down, getting along with others, and making good choices.

Whole School—When all staff on a school campus are focused on teaching the same social and relationship skills with consistent language, students quickly begin to use the skills throughout the school, which creates a positive school culture.

Principals and School Directors–The whole-school approach and common language decrease negative student behaviors and increase positive student behaviors.  Less discipline problems and disciplinary referrals to administration result.

Parents—Families benefit from learning and implementing the Project CLASS social and relationship skills at home.

The Community— When students, teachers, schools and parents are working together on social skills for life success, the entire community experiences both short-term and long term positive effects.