1. Pay Attention
  2. Follow Instructions
  3. Get Teacher’s Attention
  4. Ask Permission
  5. Accept No
  6. Accept Feedback
  7. Calming Down
  8. Making Good Choices
  9. Kind Words
  10. The Adventures of HAPKEY

Pay Attention

Stop what you’re doing

Takes you to the Top

Pay Attention Rocks!

1,2,3 Eyes on Me (Latin)

1,2,3 Eyes on Me (Jazzy)

Animal Song

Pay Attention Game

Poner Atención

1,2,3 Ojitos a Mi (Latin)

1.2.3 Ojitos a Mi (Jazzy)

Pay Attention Reggae!

HAPKEY is a Sales Clerk

Follow Instructions

Gimme an ‘L’

Follow this Plan

Social Skills March

Social Skills Marcha

Follow Instructions: Exercise

Follow Instructions Game

Seguir Instrucciones

Seguir Instrucciones: Ejercicio

Follow Instructions Rocks!

HAPKEY is a Ball Player

Get Teacher’s Attention


Drums Song

Obtener la Atención del Maestro(a)

HAPKEY is a Reporter

Ask Permission

Clap Your Hands

Uno, Dos, Tres

Pedir Permiso

Ask Permission Rocks!

HAPKEY is an Attorney

Accept No


Then I will Move On

Aceptar No

Accept No Rocks!

HAPKEY is an Actress

Accept Feedback

Cha, Cha, Cha

I Used to Think

Aceptar Sugerencias/Critica

Accept Feedback Rocks!

HAPKEY is a Musician

Calming Down

Just Chill

Count & Breathe/Calm Down

Count & Breath (Music Only)

Feelings Song

Si te sientes lleno de emociones

HAPKEY is a Teacher

Making Good Choices

I can Make Good Choices

Wait with Patience

Social Skills March

Social Skills Marcha

Social Skills Will Rock You Stomp!

The Origin of HAPKEY

HAPKEY is a Racecar Driver

Kind Words

Kind Words

HAPKEY is a Superstar – Kind Words

The Adventures of HAPKEY

The Origin of HAPKEY

HAPKEY is a Ballplayer (Follow Instructions)

HAPKEY is a Sales Clerk (Pay Attention)

HAPKEY is an Attorney (Ask Permission)

HAPKEY is a Reporter (Get Teacher’s Attention)

HAPKEY is an Actress (Accept No)

HAPKEY is a Musician (Accept Feedback)

HAPKEY is a Teacher (Calming Down)

HAPKEY is a Racecar Driver (Waiting with Patience)

HAPKEY is a Superstar (Kind Words)