Michael Gets Mad

How to Calm Down to Make Good Choices

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HAP and Project CLASS are committed to benefiting significantly more children based on the tidal wave of need for core-foundation skills in our schools, families, community and across the country. Recognizing this need, HAP has written the first in a series of children’s books focusing on core-foundation social skills.

The first book assists children with Anger Awareness and Calming Down. Books 2-4 focus on Eye Contact, Paying Attention, Following Instructions, Accepting No and Accepting Feedback. The first book Michael Gets Mad is 36 pages with superlative illustrations and designed largely for children 3-8 years old and their care-providers (teachers, parents, grandparents, foster parents). Each of the books will be animated, accompanied by a comprehensive Parent & Educator Guide, and accompanied by a Demonstration Video of a Parent/Teacher reading the book to children and modeling the engagement and discussion questions and exercises.

Each book will be comprised of 3 internet free giveaways!
1) Animated Book (soon to be released)
2) Parent & Educator Guide
3) Demonstration Video with Children (soon to be released)